Cratos BCI Equity Fund


The Cratos BCI Equity Fund is a general equity portfolio that invests predominantly in shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and that seeks to sustain high long-term capital growth. The portfolio’s investment universe consists of equity securities, preference shares, property shares and property related securities listed on exchanges and assets in liquid form. The portfolio‘s equity exposure will always exceed 80% of the Fund and it may include foreign assets up to a maximum of 25% of the Fund, with the balance of the fund invested in cash.

Investment Objective and Benchmark

The fund aims to earn a higher total rate of return than that of the South African equity market. The Fund’s benchmark is represented by the return of the FTSE JSE SWIX J403T Index including income, on a risk adjusted basis.

Investor Profile

Investors requiring long-term growth and expect to remain invested in the Fund for a period greater than five years with a higher than average risk profile. The Fund is invested based on an investor profile that can accept short to medium term investment fluctuations in equity prices and can potentially absorb the risk of a capital loss.

Portfolio Characteristics

The Fund aims to generate significant capital growth over the long term through a bottom-up stock picking approach based on fundamental research and may differ from its benchmark. The Fund is classified as a South African Equity General Fund in terms of the categories set out by the Association of Savings and Investment South Africa and its investment committee seek to invest in quality companies based on fundamental research and critical value drivers and follow a market oriented approach to investment. The Fund is invested on the basis that its investors do not require income in the short term and can expect a low yield, similar to that of the FTSE JSE SWIX J403T Index dividend yield, and is diversified in such a manner so as to achieve the benefits of a diversified portfolio.

Income Distributions

Income distributions are declared on 28 February and 31 August each year

Fee Structure

No initial fees are charged.

An annual management fee of 1.25% (excl. VAT) is charged.

No performance fees are charged.

Minimum Lump sum and Monthly Investments

Minimum lump sum investment: R10,000.00

Minimum monthly contribution: R500.00

Domicile and Fund Currency

South Africa, in South African Rands



Conflict of Interest management policy – CAM (Click on image below)

Conflict of Interest management policy - CAM

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Treat Customers Fairly (TCF)  Policy

Complaints Resolution Procedure – (CAM) (Click on image below)

Complaints Resolution Procedure (CAM)

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Treat Customers Fairly - (Cratos Capital)

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Complaints Resolution Procedure – (Cratos Capital)

Application Forms

Cratos BCI Application Form – Individuals (Click on image below)


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