Cratos Portfolio Management

Cratos Portfolio Management

The seegregated share portfolios are taken care of by the Cratos Portfolio Management division. Our portfolio managers boast collective experience in excess of 50 years experience. The differentiating factor is that all clients have personal contact and attention to ensure that each clients needs are fully catered for

The investments are of a discretionary mandate and our clients whether individuals, trusts or charitable organisations have a primary portfolio manager and analyst to manage the portfolio.

There are various mandates avaiable to clients that ensure that you participate in direct exposure to both local and offhore equities are always according to the risk appetite of the invesor.


Cratos Conservative Portfolio:

  • Focus on lower risk profile via a balance between income accumulation and capital growth/preservation. Invest mainly in high dividend yield equities with lower levels of volatility than the norm, and consistent performance track record of the quoted entity.

Cratos Opportunity Equity Portfolio:

  • Follows a stock-picking investment strategy focusing on capital appreciation, with income flows of secondary importance. Invests mainly in high-quality South-African & International shares, many of whom are selected for their rand hedge components.
  • A portion of the portfolio is dedicated to lesser known small and mid-cap shares which are not on the radar screens of most investors. This enables us to invest at an early stage at an attractive price.